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Bringing The Nba to the UK




Ameri-Camden is an American Sportswear company that has revolutionised street wear. Ameri-Camden combines the die-hard love for basketball with street wear to create something for everyone. We focus on celebrating your love for the sport through the NBA gear, designed for daily wear.

Are you a Laker’s fan? Bulls? Knicks? Philadelphia 76ers or Charlotte Hornets? It doesn’t matter. We got you covered! At Ameri-Camden, we have the most popular Mitchell and Ness NBA T-shirts, tank tops and undershirts. Our varsity shirts are available for reasonable prices to make sure you can revamp your street style.

Our oversized basketball clothing is comfortable, trendy and durable. The love for basketball is not just about looking good, it’s about owning your team proudly. It can be while strolling down the streets, playing basketball or even just watching the game, you can wear these trendy NBA vests to show how proud you are. We know how much you love your team which is why we have something for all of you NBA team lovers! Love for basketball knows no boundaries which is why we offer shipping services to not only our UK customers, but also to our sports enthusiasts in the United States.

Lakers clothing at Ameri-Camden includes varsity jackets, tank tops, hoodies, and vests. We have customised Lakers clothing which will let you get your favourite player’s name and number printed on the back. We love Lakers too which is why we have Ervin Johnsons’s mesh vest available for you only for £45.


Chicago Bulls are a very popular team in the NBA division which is why the Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen’s reversible mesh vests are available for just £45. Chicago Bulls have produced one of the best players in the world of basketball. We make sure to provide you high quality sports apparel that is durable, and well designed. Chicago Bull’s vests and clothing are a staple in every basketball lover’s wardrobe. The vests were so attractive that they crossed over from simple sportswear into regular street wear.


Other than that, you can find Dazzle Tank Tops for teams Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers and Charlotte Hornets available for just £30. These varsity vests would make the perfect NBA outfit for any game in the stadium or at home. These customised tank tops make you stand out in your crowd and make it very evident who your team is!


We believe that women are as passionate for basketball as the guys around, which is we provide unisex NBA clothing. Our NBA apparel is available for everyone including toddlers, and young adults. Having a variety of team apparels helps you have a one stop shop for all your sportswear needs. Each of you have a unique need which is why we have multiple size options to make sure each one of you can find your favourite NBA clothing. The oversized nature of the vests or undershirts does not mean we compromise on quality and comfort. We want you to look and feel good which is why we have 100% polyester fabric and printed logos to make sure that your vests last as long as your love for your team.


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